Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trial Begins for 38 Arrested in April Drone Action

DEWITT, NY--November 1, 2011, marked the first day of the trial for those arrested in April, 2011, outside the main entrance of the New York Air National Guard’s base at Hancock Field, Dewitt, NY.  The trial is expected to last through the week at least.

The defendants are hoping to have international law included as part of their defense and to that end former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark will testify as an expert witness.  There are rides available from Ithaca and other cities.  There will be vigils at the Hancock Air National Guard Base gate and visits to Sen. Gillibrand and Shumer's office Tuesday before court and other events planned on the following days.

For more information contact:
Mary Anne Grady Flores:

Syracuse Peace Council:  315-472-5478.
De Witt Town Court
5400 Butternut Drive
E. Syracuse, NY 13057-8509

Below is a video distributed by the defendants.

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